Visit the Tuna Booth at meowfest Virtual

Who’s going to meowfest Virtual this weekend?! The exciting news is that, because it’s digital, anyone can attend this year! General admission tickets cost $25 CAD (about $17 USD). Ticket proceeds benefit the Langley Animal Protection Society and the RAPS (Richmond) sanctuary, which provides a spacious forever home for many cats with chronic medical conditions, or who have made it clear they decline to live with humans.

I’m happy to announce that Tuna is a vendor at meowfest this year, and we’re offering the following to attendees:

  • Everyone who attends will be able to download a cat-themed virtual Zoom background drawn by Francis
  • Attendees can enter to win an illustration of their cat (past or present) by Francis. To enter the contest: 1) Follow @morethantuna on Instagram, 2) Share a screenshot of your meowfest virtual ticket in your IG Story, and use the @mention tag to TAG @morethantuna. That’s it! We’ll pick from among the entries. 
  • On Saturday, July 11 (11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern), Sarah will give a talk in the Tuna “booth” (Zoom room), “How to Deepen Your Bond With Your Cat.” 

Full Tuna Booth Schedule for meowfest Virtual:

  • Friday, July 10 (3pm to 5pm) Francis will be drawing and we’ll both be “greeting” attendees.
  • Saturday, July 11 (11am Pacific ) Sarah’s Talk: How to Deepen Your Bond With Your Cat (This is a short talk, 15-20 minutes. There will be a Q&A afterwards.)
  • Sunday, July 12  (3pm to 5pm) – Francis will be drawing and I’ll be hosting an AMA (ask me anything). 

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